André history

  • 1817 Mr. Anton André bought a resin hut closed to Offenbourg/black wood forest
  • 1818 Anton André Sohn was founded – start production with resin of the forest
  • 1918 start of the varnish production
  • 1970 Carbon black factory was closed because of environment regulations
  • since 1970 development of varnishes were focused and production capacities extended
  • from 1983 start of water-based paint
  • 1993 take-over of the product group „Fungol“ (wood varnish)
  • 2002 André Coatings GmbH was founded at Willstätt
    product range for the coil-coating and automotive industry
  • 2007 André Industrial was founded in Switzerland as sales and marketing division
  • 2008 André Industrial s.r.o. was taken over
    production for automotive
  • 2008 joint venture with Leibfarth Lacke Germany
  • 2011 cooperation with Hago Chemotechnik / FLM Switzerland
    Production of technical aerosols
  • 2013 André coatings was sold to Chemetall
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