Ammunition varnishes, sealants and adhesives

André has been developing ammunition varnishes, sealants and adhesives for small and medium caliber munition in close cooperation with our international customers for many years.

Our international customers appreciate us as a prefered development and product supplier who provides application specific solutions flexibly and reliably.

The ammunition coatings, ammunition sealants and munition adhesives are continuously being researched in cooperation with universities and institutes and certified according to the German Bundeswehr and Nato.

We can assure our customers that no modifications in view of the availability or other conditions with respect to our products and suppliers may be expected from the REACH regulations.

A short product overview of ammunition coatings and munition sealants:

  • case mouth sealant or primer groove varnish (circular fugue coating, according to TL8010-0024) in the colors red, green, blue, black, brown and colorless
  • anaerobic sealant, cured with UV light or air drying in different colors, fluoresces for optical inspection control
  • ammunition interior varnish with high chemical resistance (TL8010-0022)
  • bullet topcoat and missile topcoat in various colors
  • primer groove varnish to seal the joint between bullet and cartridge
    air dry or after all components are assembled (anaerobic UV cure sealant)
  • ammunition exterior varnish, antifriction varnish for better balistic and protection

Ammunition coatings for small caliber ammunition

Small caliber ammuntion demands high material requirements on waterproofing, sealing, anticorrosive protection and the shelf life of the ammunition.

The range of products for the respective segment offers a wide variety of interior ammunition coatings, exterior ammunition varnishes and of different colors.

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Ammunition coatings for medium caliber ammunition

We also develop and produce monolayer enomels, antifriction varnish, bituminous varnish, cartridge interior coatings according the German Bundeswehr TL, Nato and the US MIL-Spec specifications.

  • ammunition coatings

    ammuntion sealant for the case mouth sealing
  • primer groove sealant

    ammunition varnish, ammuntion sealant, ammuntion adhesive

ammunition sealants & adhesives

Product overview
Interior coatingInterior of the ammunition
extremly resistant to
propellant powder
45 secair dry and baking
black, grey, greenTL8010-0022
Exterior coatingExterior of the munition
antifriction varnish
30 – 60 secbaking enamelcolorless, green, greyTL8010-0025
Bitumen sealantBituminous lacquer, sealant for the interior
and the case mouth of the ammunition
40 secair dryblackMIL-C-450B
Primer groove varnishCircular fugue coating100 secair drygreen, red, brown
Case mouth sealantSealing between
bullet and casing
40 secair dryblackTL8010-0024
Top coatingbaking enameldifferent colors
Munition adhesive
and sealant
odorless, low viscosity for easy application, UV
10 – 20 secUVred, green, yellow,
colorless, fluoresces
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